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Name: Nancy Mullins
Phone: 925-963-2857
Fax: 925-226-3150

Mailing Address:
3809 Yosemite CT N.
Pleasanton, CA 94588

Rental Address:
Fun Cabin Rentals
22743 Bret Harte Drive
Twain Harte, CA 95383

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Vacation Testimonials

I loved the fact that it was a quick walk to the private lake, downtown, and to the pee wee golf course. My kids had a blast in Twain Harte... Great Vacation!

San Leandro, CA

The Twain Harte Cabin was great. Better then expected. Would definitely recommend a friend vacation there!

Livermore, CA

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Boyden Cavern



Boyden Cavern

Located in Kings Canyon in the giant Sequoia National Park, the Boyden Caverns enjoy the status of being one of the most stunning and marvelous places on Earth. The caverns don’t necessarily attract visitors in the same numbers as the Grand Canyon or Yosemite National Park, but the Boyden Caverns are surely just as magnificent.

The most spectacular of all the delights that await you at the Boyden Caverns is the Marbel Water Falls of the Kings Gates, falling from a height of 2000 feet! The Boyden Caverns are truly heaven on Earth just from the virtue of its landscape and surrounding scenic beauty.

To get the complete experience of the Boyden Caverns I recommend you take the 45-minute tour. The tour is not restricted by age and is suitable for anybody who wishes to take it. Please keep in mind that the tour begins with a steep walk accompanied by a cool temperature of 55 F. The Boyden Caverns takes pride in your security, so they provide trails that have support as you walk. Infants and small children are allowed in backpacks, but older ones may not be. Be sure that every member of your party will have the stamina to go all the way through. The Boyden Caverns has one tour or another starting each hour, so you’ll have plenty of chances to make a tour and plenty of time to take more than one.

I assure you that mere words cannot do the Boyden Caverns justice and I implore you to visit them and see their wonder for yourself. There is more to the Boyden Caverns than just caves and beautiful rocks. The Upside Down City consists of groups of stalagmites (calcium deposits formed on the floor of the cavern) and will be a true treat to the eyes. Then there is the Bat Grotto, where bats sleep away their summer days and venture away from to hunt at night.

If bats aren’t your cup of tea, then you can visit the flowstone formation called Mother Nature's Wedding Cake. If that’s still not enough, the Boyden Caverns has even wonders to excite your senses. Like the Drapery Room containing large drapery like stalactites (calcium deposits originated from the roof of the cavern), long soda straws and even twisting crystallines!

There are a couple of hotels to provide you accommodations as well, so why not plan your Boydne Caverns trip and book a room today. Or you might want to consider the Sequoia-Kings Canyon Park Services or maybe the Parks Services at Sequoia or even Montecito-Sequoia Lodge.

Feel free to also check out our Twain Harte Rental.

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