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Name: Nancy Mullins
Phone: 925-963-2857
Fax: 925-226-3150

Mailing Address:
3809 Yosemite CT N.
Pleasanton, CA 94588

Rental Address:
Fun Cabin Rentals
22743 Bret Harte Drive
Twain Harte, CA 95383

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I loved the fact that it was a quick walk to the private lake, downtown, and to the pee wee golf course. My kids had a blast in Twain Harte... Great Vacation!

San Leandro, CA

The Twain Harte Cabin was great. Better then expected. Would definitely recommend a friend vacation there!

Livermore, CA

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California Cavern and Cave City



California Cavern and Cave City

We can all use a change to our daily lives. Our changes may be different but goal is the same. Relaxation and peace is what motivates us to take vacations. If you’re someone who likes to venture out and are in search of a real adventure, interesting but peaceful, then California Caverns and Cave City is what you’re looking for! It’s adventurous, marvelous, and magnificently peaceful. Welcome to California Caverns and Cave City!

Cave City is a group of underground environments known as caverns. Some of the more popular caverns of Cave City are the Boyden Caverns, the Moaning Caverns, and the Sutter Gold Mine. The Black Chasm Caverns and the California Caverns hold special distinction from the other caverns. The California Caverns has been marked a State Historic Landmark and the Black Chasm Caverns is a National Natural Landmark. Great honors indeed!

Cave City has gained its popularity due much in part to the Black Chasm Caverns which offers boundless beauty and multiple stalactites, stalagmites, flowstones and many uncommon crystals. For the ultimate experience at the Black Chasm Caverns, I recommend you take the 50-minute Landmark Walk Tour, guided by stairs and walkways. Don’t forget to bring the kids! They’ll love the natural beauty and gemstone mining! For more specific information on the Black Chasm Caverns and Landmark Walk Tour, visit

Undoubtedly, the Boyden Caverns are known for their extreme peaceful and splendid environment. The caverns don’t necessarily attract visitors in the same masses as the Grand Canyon or Yosemite National Park, but they are surely just as magnificent.

The California Caverns have been known to man for a very long time. Written history helps to give us a clear idea about the existence of the caverns and the people who have explored them before us. Although the California Caverns were known to the natives, it made its debut to the westerners through a controversy relating to the time of its discovery: 1849 or 1850. The California Caverns was the first public cavern opened by the state of California, making it even more unique and an even more important member of Cave City. If you want your vacation to rock, then a visit to the California Caverns of Cave City is surely a must!

Before you go, you’ll want to plan which tours you’d like to experience. The tours include the Trail of Light Walk Tour, which comes in two variations one for the dry season and other for the wet one. The dry season tour takes about an hour and a half and the wet season tour takes about one hour. For something a little longer or more intense, consider the 3-hour Mammoth Cave Expedition or even a 5-hour Middle Earth Expedition!

Today is the day to plan a wonderful vacation to a beautiful place. Just one visit to Cave City and the California Caverns and you’ll surely return again and again!

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