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Name: Nancy Mullins
Phone: 925-963-2857
Fax: 925-226-3150

Mailing Address:
3809 Yosemite CT N.
Pleasanton, CA 94588

Rental Address:
Fun Cabin Rentals
22743 Bret Harte Drive
Twain Harte, CA 95383

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Vacation Testimonials

I loved the fact that it was a quick walk to the private lake, downtown, and to the pee wee golf course. My kids had a blast in Twain Harte... Great Vacation!

San Leandro, CA

The Twain Harte Cabin was great. Better then expected. Would definitely recommend a friend vacation there!

Livermore, CA

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Moaning Cavern



Moaning Cavern

It is pretty obvious that most of you would have heard of the Moaning Cavern. It is huge, in fact gigantic structure located in the historical Calaveras County in the golden Mother Lode. Do you know what the Moaning Cavern is well known for? How foolish of me, off course you must already know it. A large really large picture gallery is present in the Moaning Cavern, large enough to stock even the Statue of Liberty!

The 100 ft spiral staircase is another talk-about feature of the Moaning Cavern which is remarked by one and all. The Moaning Cavern is surely a scientific delight but gives pleasure to arts students and anybody else for that matter. Unique things that the Moaning Cavern displays are surely marvelous not only to a particular group of people but light interest in all of mankind.

Looking at the Moaning Cavern from an archaeological point of view, it has one of the oldest human remains of America. To complement it further, there are thousands of stalactites and stalagmites for display.

"Fine, the Moaning Cavern has a number of unique and interesting things for display. But who explains the details and history behind such stuff? I mean, how do we know what is what?" Such thoughts are common and expected. That is why you should consider going in for a tour. Who can explain such things better than a guide?

If you are a group of people especially a family then going in for a conventional tour of the Moaning Cavern targeted specifically at families may be a nice option. This is a 45 minute tour headed by a professional guides’ where you descend 100 ft to the main chamber. You will witness how hundreds of men welcomed their death. This experience will be supplemented by several shapes and figures shown on the walls. This is surely a short and sweet but exciting tour!

If descending just 100 ft appears like child's play, then consider the option of Rappelling down the Moaning Cavern in which you have to descend a whopping 165 ft into a really large chamber of the Moaning Cavern! This tour requires a person to pump in courage where as the professionals supply the knowledge, lend their experience and all other equipment like gloves and rappelling equipment required. The only catch is that this tour is meant only for persons older than 12yrs of age.

If you want more action, even more thrill, then you can follow the third tour of the Moaning Cavern which even identifies itself with adventure. They begin with the 165 ft rope descend to the main chamber. Even you dare it; this experience is followed by 2 to 3 hours of underdeveloped passages. Thrill and more thrills and even more thrill to top it all! Again all equipment is provided but this tour welcomes the 12+ age group only.

Having said all this, I am sure the curiosity in you is bursting and multiplying by the second. Isn't it time to visit the Moaning Cavern then? Go ahead and rock!

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