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Name: Nancy Mullins
Phone: 925-963-2857
Fax: 925-226-3150

Mailing Address:
3809 Yosemite CT N.
Pleasanton, CA 94588

Rental Address:
Fun Cabin Rentals
22743 Bret Harte Drive
Twain Harte, CA 95383

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Vacation Testimonials

I loved the fact that it was a quick walk to the private lake, downtown, and to the pee wee golf course. My kids had a blast in Twain Harte... Great Vacation!

San Leandro, CA

The Twain Harte Cabin was great. Better then expected. Would definitely recommend a friend vacation there!

Livermore, CA

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Dodge Ridge Weather



Dodge Ridge Weather

Usually the first thing travelers check before planning a ski vacation is the weather. How much does it snow and what the temperature is during day and at night are probably the most important questions asked. At Dodge Ridge Ski Resort there’s good news for you and your family. Dodge Ridge weather is unbelievable! With an average of 300-500 inches of snowfall, what more could any skier dream of?

Since Dodge Ridge Ski Area is situated at an altitude of 6,600 feet, weather conditions can't be expected to be humid or warm. Temperatures at such altitudes will be cool. At the highest point of elevation, which is 8,200 feet, the temperature decreases and winds start moving faster as well. But is that a big deal? I don't think so. If you expect to ski in the high mountains, the weather conditions are going to be cold, very cold and don't expect the Dodge Ridge weather to be an exception.

The very fact that the Dodge Ridge Ski Resort is open only from December to April for skiing proves that the Dodge Ridge weather is extremely chilly, and gets even more biting in the middle winter months. But such weather conditions make for better skiing, doesn't it? It’s pretty common knowledge that lower temperatures lead to more solid ice, which leads to firmer snow to ski on. There is always a chance that the rigidity of the snow is desired only to a certain extent after which it many turn into ice on which nobody can ski. On the other hand, those of you are skiers must have observed that very soft snow might lead to very loose control of the equipment which could result into an accident. You surely don't want that, do you?

Can you guess what the best thing about the Dodge Ridge weather is? The best thing is not whether the whether is pleasant or cold, hot or not. The best thing is that you get a systematic representation of the Dodge Ridge weather on the Dodge Ridge Ski Area website which is Any doubts, just log on and confirm with them. I warn all my readers to have a look at the site before making any decision about skiing at the Dodge Ridge Ski Resort.

What more could any skier ever dream of? With a surprising low altitude for a snowfield like the Dodge Ridge Ski Area, a relatively long skiing season and direct access to the weather report, what could be better? So what are you waiting for? Just check the Dodge Ridge weather on their site and make a booking for the Dodge Ridge. After all, nothing beats the beautiful Resort or the great Dodge Ridge weather.

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